Dare to dip

Turning Covent Garden into Bikini Beach

The first time in the year a woman puts on her bikini and bares her body can be terrifying. And we don’t just know that from our own experience; we asked hundreds of women in our Bikini Confidence survey and they confirmed everything we suspected. They also told us that the happier they felt in their skin, the more confidence they had in their bodies. So with a dab of extra confidence from Nivea, it’s time to banish that fear; it’s time to oust inhibition; it’s time women joined forces to take control of the annual ritual and revel in revealing their bodies with confidence.


The Insight

If you feel good in your skin, you can do anything.

The Idea

Nivea dares you and your friends to take the first dip of the year with them.



Starting with a launch TVC we began a social campaign encouraging women everywhere to ‘Dare to Dip’ together. Our first event was a purpose-built outdoor pool at London’s Covent Garden on May 2013. Tickets sold out in 24hrs and the first time a pool had ever been seen in the famous courtyard brought thousands of spectators, as hundreds basked in their bikinis and glowed in their newfound confidence.


The Process

TV, press, social and PR were launched together to recruit women to the program, starting with the first big event in Covent Garden followed by more activities throughout the summer.

And just to make extra-sure people took notice we put 20 women of all shapes and sizes on London’s underground for their first bikini moment of the year.


Since the launch of Dare to Dip at the end of April over 67,000 women have pledged to dare via Facebook. Hundreds of women then got to take the dip of a lifetime in a huge tank in Covent Garden, led by Britain’s Got Talent’s Aquabatique. Now Nivea’s Dip Skip, the ultimate mobile pool party, is taking the challenge on tour to women across Europe.



of women happier in their skin


The Result

  • 70,000 pledges (and counting)
  • Tickets sold out in 24hrs
  • Thousands of women happier in their skin