An Evening Of Big Bowls

07 Feb 2012 - Paul Mann


On Friday night a record number of our staff turned out to take part in ‘Big Bowls’, an evening of drinking and bowling at All Star Lanes, Bloomsbury. Everyone in attendance to prove beyond all doubt who was the king (or queen) of the pins.

We split out into 9 teams, each with 6 people. Taking to the lanes two by two, our objective was to aim for the highest cumulative team score. Another award was to be handed out to the highest individual scorer.

The drinks were flowing and as the first two teams took to the lanes members of the remaining groups started to worry about how much the free booze was going to effect their ‘sporting prowess’. It was quite amusing watching the tactical drinking taking place as people were determined to put in a good performance. Luckily the frame length for each competitor was halved from the usual ten down to five, to save on time.

Team 1 set out the stall with a very impressive overall score of 307. None of the following six teams managed to get a score over 300 despite the efforts of Niki in Team 4 and Louise in Team 7 who both struck individual scores of 86 and 87 respectively. Here’s Emily showing everyone how it should be done as she winds one up.

Then up stepped Team 8. With a host of big-hitters they stormed past the previous leaders score and ended up with 344 points. As part of the success, Steve entered the highest individual score as he smashed into three figures with an 100 point haul. Some late excitement gripped the (now very drunken) crowd as Team 9 worked their way towards Team 1’s total of 307. Unbelievably it came down to the last ball and as Matteo stepped up he knew it would take 8 pins or more. The pressure seemed to get to him and he failed to make the shot with Team 9 ending up third with a very respectable total of 305.

As some of us peeled off to the karaoke to drown our collective sorrows and hang by the bar – Team 1 and Team 8 prepared themselves for one final showdown. The game failed to live up to the billing as Team 8 lifted off with a masterclass (with Steve again scoring high, this time with 95). Team 1 were left somewhere scrabbling in the shadows, G&T’s in hand. Team 8 victorious, it was on to prize giving.

Each winning member of Team 8 was rewarded with a tenuously-linked bowling DVD including The Big Lebowski, Grease 2, Bowling For Columbine & King Pin. Overall winner with the magic 100, Steve ‘Boon’ Clark walked away with a set of vouchers for a return to All Star Lanes one day in the near future. Big congrats.

It was a superb night that was as enjoyable as it was competitive. Oh yeah and at the death Ed decided to change into one of the All Stars’ waitress outfits. Naturally he has the skirt tucked into his boxer shorts.