Bambos Neophytou on the BBC


26 Nov 2012 - Paul Mann


Our very own Bambos, Head of Strategy here at Inferno was invited to discuss his thoughts on Brand Obama/Brand Romney on the BBC World News, during the 2012 US Presidential Elections.


Intern Insights, vol. 2 – Are brands like friends?

21 Oct 2014 - Kate Spencer

We are blessed with some amazing interns – and we bless them with a task: write a thought piece for our blog. Here's Katie Spencer, who interned with our strategists. She has a serious crush on McVities and ponders the power of a brand.


Raise your glasses

25 Sep 2014 - Jonny Ray

None of us make it on our own; however we often struggle to thanks to those who help us along the way. Grant’s #IOU campaign is here to sort that out.