BUG 29

17 Feb 2012 - Mark Tritschler


Last night was the chimerical BUG, show number 29, and for the uninitiated BUG is a show dedicated to the screening of equally low brow budget & glossy money soaked video productions. It’s a bit like watching random music videos on Youtube with your mates except your mates are really funny and/or Adam Buxton.

Usually BUG veers more to the left of video production but last night’s show was slightly more commercial than normal. However this should not distract from the high standard of video pickings. M.I.A – Bad Girls by Director Romain Gavras (known for Stress by Justice & I Believe by Simian Mobile Disco) was one video of particular merit challenging viewers with a different perspective of Arab life.

High adrenaline car stunts in the Moroccan desert with various men and women, including M.I.A, hanging out the car windows skating with flip flops certainly conjures up images of a more animate lifestyle than you might expect from the Arab world.

Another must watch video that we were treated with was Rammstein’s ‘Mein Land’ which is a hilarious pastiche on the USA California 50’s surfin’ scene. If you have ever wanted to see what six metallers look like in a beach boys getup complete with traditional Rickenbacker 360 and Moog this is for you.

Finally I leave you with Rifle Burs, you won’t find this on the official blurb for BUG 29 however Adam Buxton took it upon himself to show us what can only be described as 3 and a half minutes of insanity. Genius or madness, I’ll let you decide, however one thing we can be certain of is that this video will probably change…someone’s life.