Going Up

29 Nov 2012 - Paul Mann


Despite challenging economic conditions we’re very proud to see the Inferno name moving higher up the financial performance league table. We’ve risen from 44th position last year up to 35 this year and we’re working harder than ever to compete with the┬ánotorious┬ábig boys of the ad world. May the good times continue.

Click the above image to see Campaign’s table of agencies in full.



03 Sep 2014 - Maria Kivimaa

Andrea Ferlauto, our designer and typographer, about his art and inspirations.


Culture Club: Medea

26 Aug 2014 - Tamsin Shaw

We've been feeling rather cultural lately...go figure. Here's a piece by our professional amateur theatre critic Tamsin, who was impressed by Medea - and the age old (long before Beyonce) struggle women have with power.