Hello 2012


03 Jan 2012 - Paul Mann


We’re back! And most of us have thoroughly enjoyed a full week (and a bit) off. Oh how relaxing. Now that we are back, here’s what some of us have been up to whilst out-of-office.

Here’s (head of strategy) Bambos sitting in a seafood restaurant in Padstow preparing to tuck into the rather large ‘Fruits De Mer’ special.

Here’s (creative) Mike standing inside the jaw of the dead sperm whale on the beach at Old Hunstanton.

Here’s (producer) Rob AKA The Fat C DJing for 12 hours at Big Chill Bar on Brick Lane on New Years Day after only 2 hours sleep.

Here’s (producer) Sam. “My sister had a baby in September so I instantly became an uncle. Having spent some time with Edie Elizabeth over Christmas i’ve learnt she enjoys sleeping, wriggling, dressing as animals and Top Gear. We are concerned about the latter, but forgive her.”

Here’s a bivouac. But this is not just any bivouac, this is creation of the highest order, built by (digital creative director) Tim and his kids whist out walking over the Christmas break.


We really wanted to show you a picture of (junior planner) Alvaro celebrating as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately no-one has one because he was locked in the bathroom at the time (true and very funny story).


Culture Club: Medea

26 Aug 2014 - Tamsin Shaw

We've been feeling rather cultural lately...go figure. Here's a piece by our professional amateur theatre critic Tamsin, who was impressed by Medea - and the age old (long before Beyonce) struggle women have with power.


Edinburgh Fringe on my mind

19 Aug 2014 - Lucy Turner

An Edinburgh Fringe virgin Lucy jumped on the train and delved into the madness (and apparently margaritas) for 22 hours. This is what happened. 


When bikes and creativity collide

13 Aug 2014 - Cate Anderson

The creative industries have a passionate love affair with the bicycle. Why is that? Off the back of RideLondon, we talked to two current or ex creatives who are in the business of bikes: Wayne from Pedlar pedlar and Alex of Nolobi bikes.