23 Feb 2012 - Maria Kivimaa


The topic of the art world this week: iconic Edvard Munch piece The Scream will be auctioned in New York in May (or one of the four versions of it to be accurate), and it will be on display in London for the first time before that. An interesting article about the painting, its history and meaning on NY Times. Apparently if you stand in front of it in real life, you’re bound to get properly shocked. And loosely tied in with the subject: if you want to enjoy (abstract) art, you’d better get shocked before hand, as fear is the emotion that enhances your brain’s capability of interpreting art the strongest. (A bit more).

Internet is increasingly more about visual statements (FB Timeline, Pinterest and so on) so it’s about time that Flickr gets a makeover. The site has been painfully ugly and annoying to use but from February 28th onwards we’ll see at least bigger images and dragging and dropping. Check out also ThingLink and their newest app for especially Facebook, which enables people to use images as platforms for navigation and info.

And in honour of London Fashion Week (ended yesterday) here’s an excellent and quite insightful interview (yes, albeit done by VICE) with Stefano Pilati, the creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, one of the most iconic fashion houses of all times. On elegance, the death of fashion, creative process and much more.

Oh, another Fashion Week blurb. Mercedes Benz had a pug as their fashion correspondent. Watch it being dressed up in Mulberry. Can’t decide between ‘cute’ and ‘plain stupid’. Maybe both.

Sleigh Bells released their new album two days ago, so find it on Spotify, or maybe even buy it, or stream it here alongside with a wicked interview with the duo. They twisted the boundaries of electro rock already in 2009 and have managed to avoid the sad, short-lived NME hype familiar to most indie rock bands in the recent years (Guardian on alternative guitar music’s agony…. The Vaccines, anyone? Didn’t think so) Powerfully psychedelic and almost disturbing stuff, yet somehow delightfully easy to get into.

Knitting has been oh-so-trendy for a few years now, and there’s no end in sight. The next level up from beanies and hipster boys’ (and girls’) knitting-and-tea parties is art. Artist called OLEK is exhibiting her pieces in a cult gallery in East London. I Do Not Expect To Be A Mother But I Do Expect To Die Alone, until mid March.