01 Mar 2012 - Maria Kivimaa


WE, THE WEB KIDS. We came across this rather beautiful generation manifesto a few days ago, written by a Polish kid called Piotr Czerski. If you are, let’s say, closer to your 50th birthday than your birth, this might be quite an insightful glimpse into the mindset of today’s web kids, who do not use the Internet but live on the Internet: “The Web to us is not a technology which we had to learn and which we managed to get a grip of. The Web is a process, happening continuously and continuously transforming before our eyes; with us and through us.”.  It’s hosted on a pastebin website, which are usually used by coders and sweaty irc-geeks to store large amounts of text, but apparently you can find some weird and wonderful pieces of proper stream of consciousness, or,  for example, a letter of resignation. Worth a little browse.

STREET(VIEW) ART. Well, sort of. Inappropriate images snapped by Google Streetview cars have been amusing people for ages now, but this particular blog, 9-eyes, by a Canadian artist Jon Rafman is quite striking. Some of these shots wouldn’t look out of place in a photography exhibition or in VICE, while others just make you cringe, laugh or quietly wonder ‘wtf’. (Thanks to our strategy master Robin for the link.)

NEW MUSIC. Time for a little shameless plug for a friend’s band. But don’t worry, these guys are not your typical “friend’s band” who are still waiting for their voice to break and whom you are tempted to urge to get a proper day job just in case. The band is called 2:54, they are signed to Universal, have released an stellar EP and toured with the likes of Wild Beasts, Blood Red Shoes and Warpaint. The sound? Haunting, moody and intoxicatingly beautiful shoegazey rock by two sisters, Colette and Hannah. Prior to full-time band pursuits the lead singer Colette used to work as a receptionist at Wieden+Kennedy, where we connected by both wearing skanky, old band t-shirts. She is also probably the most beautiful woman you will ever see, so check out this video. Or better yet, their biggest UK show yet in June at Scala. The next single You’re Early will be officially released on April the 9th.


WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? He seems to be doing something right. According to a recent study the top ten list of most engaging Facebook pages is populated by religious groups, the winner being Jesus Daily with approximately 5.6 million interactions. Believers are obviously a dedicated bunch of passionate and enthusiastic people, but it’s still quite wicked that Jesus beats Lady Gaga and FC Barcelona, whose fanbases are much bigger. On Jesus Daily, for example, a single image post of baby animals (“showcasing God’s amazing creations”) generated more than 315,000 likes and 16,000 comments. Holy s**t. We would put the impressive social media performance down to higher powers and active, good use of apps and varied, up-to-date and inspiring content. School book stuff really.

THURSDAY BEERS AND ART. As many of you are aware, it’s First Thursday today, meaning a load of late night gallery hopping, exhibition openings, free beer and ironic moustaches around East London. A few recommendations: Galerie 8 is showing a dark, claustrophobic silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Questioning the need for dialogue is more than current now with The Artist sweeping the table at Oscars, plus this German cult piece is also said to be one of the first films ever to use twist ending and frame storytelling. Or if you’d rather ponder over the future of print, another hot topic in this modern day and age of iPads, head to Stour Space, where the students of Kingston University are exploring the potentially perishing art form and its role in design.