05 Apr 2012 - Maria Kivimaa


Lynch, you’ve done it again. Let’s start off with some disturbing Lynch. Here’s the new video for his song called Crazy Clown Time. Funny how this same piece could look like a cheap and disgusting student joke. But because it’s done by a cult director, it somehow becomes art. Still moderately disgusting though.

Lunchtime rave. First came lunchtime cosmetic surgery. Then came lunchtime yoga. Now we have lunchtime clubbing. Are people busy or what? And of course it’s the forward thinking – or mental – Scandinavians that have come up with the concept; it’s been tried and tested in Sweden and Finland (and Serbia, for some reason). Basically, a few hundred office works gather together on their lunch breaks to rave it up for an hour, and then return to their desks as usual. I can’t help but wonder where the point is. Is it because you want to go clubbing but don’t have the time/money/health to do it properly? If you ain’t sweating for six hours in a dingy club only to finish when your feet are numb and the sunrise starts to hurt your eyes and twist your brain, you ain’t doing it right. And if you are not doing it right, why to do it in the first place? Botox and yoga on your lunchbreak – fine, as that’s convenient. Clubbing? That was never supposed to be convenient. (Thanks, Manny, for spotting this!)

Short story goodness. November Stories was a personal project by a friend of mine, an aspiring (read: struggling) actor-come-writer. It’s well over a year old now, but these little gems will only get better when they get older, just like women, and are well worth a read. He wrote a short story each day during November 2010, and his illustrator friend drew an image to go with each one of them. So, whether your visually or verbally inclined, you’re in for a treat. Beautiful, quirky, funny, painful, weird. Most of all, they are so perceptive at times, that it’s creepy. Just read the story number 4, Curious Indifference, for example. If you’ve ever been in that particular situation…

Hirst. Retrospective of maybe the most influential British contemporary artist started yesterday at Tate Modern. This is old news, but you can’t really miss this, even if you wanted to. Yes, the formaldehyde shark will be there.

Supergoober. We had the pleasure of hosting Supergoober, a new but bloody impressive collective of directors, here at Inferno a few days ago. They showcased their work to us, and brought some Krispy Kremes, as well. Champions. One of their directors is Diluvio, or rather a director collective in this case, and a few of their animations literally dropped our creatives jaws (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just the doughnuts). The stories might be grim, but the technical skill, cruel beauty and attention to detail made them addictive to watch. Check out for example Der Kleinere RaumTheir, made completely with Papier-mâché (chewed paper). Supergoober’s other stuff is pretty unbeatable, too: one of their directors, Aaron Sims, is currently making a feature film with 20th Century Fox, based on his short film Archetype.