Mad People

28 Mar 2012 - Anna Harman


Monday night saw a few Mad Men mad Infernoistas don their best 60s garb and head over to Kettners in Soho, where Sky Atlantic played host to the official Season 5 premiere.

True to the show, cocktails were flowing on arrival and as we settled into our third Old Fashioned and a popcorn dinner, the curtain went up.


Season five leaves you with no confusion of the era. Skirts are shorter, music is swingier and design is… oranger!? We’ve entered a time where equality is hot and Sterling Cooper Draper Price is more successful than ever.

Don’s 40th birthday proves to be a perfect platform for highlighting the hang ups between him and his latest wife, Megan. And with her recent promotion to creative, tension starts to build as Peggy makes no secret of her frustrations.

Roger’s character continues to evolve with comedy touches that at one point, prompted a whoop from a few seats forward, but we’re still left wondering if the truth will out about Joan’s new baby.

And will Pete eventually become partner? It looks like this could be his season.