The Man Who Made His Own Luck


27 Jul 2011 - Tim Palmer


LinkedIn met the Auntie Carols at Christmas, and they thought that they needed something that got their audience talking too. They came to see us with a brief to get media agencies immersed in the LinkedIn product.

We created ‘This Guy’. He was a extraordinary man of the world, who has had so much success that people naively refer to him as the Lucky Guy. He has had no more luck than the next man, but what he did do, was network, on LinkedIn. And the harder he networked, the ‘luckier’ he got.

As the audience met ‘This Guy’, they were also able to learn the key advertiser benefits of LinkedIn, which of course would be of interest to these media types.

We started to raise peoples awareness by having hundreds of pennies, scattered along the floor leading up the front door of their agency. Here, they found a busker outside, busking lucky songs, like Kylie’s ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ and The Verve’s ‘Lucky Man’. Then when the slightly bemused workers found themselves at their desk, (no doubt with ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ in their head) they found a lucky penny direct mailer addressed to them, that started to make sense of their experience. The mailer explained that ‘This Guy’ has never needed luck, and if you followed his secrets to a luckier you, you could win the trappings of his success, like his String Quartet for your agency, or his Army of Butlers to serve your agency a silver platter luncheon as well as personal prizes such as box seats at the opera, and the loan of one of his classic cars to take you on a decadent weekend away.

Learn ‘This Guy’s’ secrets here