Weird, Wonderful & WTF


28 Sep 2012 - Paul Mann


Last night we made our Social Media Week debut as we hosted a talk entitled Weird, Wonderful & WTF. Our very own digital strategy director Luis Carranza took to the floor in front of a sizeable audience. Sharing examples of work and other viral successes that fitted into one of the three categories and sometimes straddled all three.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it down though. Thanks to the wonder of SlideShare we can share the entirety of Luis’ presentation with you right here.

The talk seemed to work well and we’ve received some really complimentary feedback on Twitter this morning. Thanks to you all for coming down and we’ll be sure to see you for another event very soon.


Raise your glasses

25 Sep 2014 - Jonny Ray

None of us make it on our own; however we often struggle to thanks to those who help us along the way. Grant’s #IOU campaign is here to sort that out.