The Drum asked our Founding Partner, Tim Doust, to comment on a piece they were writing on the ‘tougher’ ASA guidelines on gender stereotyping in ads. This is of course a subject close to our hearts, due to the work we produce for our clients. With insight-led campaigns, we not only strive to do what is right for the client, but what is right for society.

This Girl Can was a landmark campaign because we showed women in a way they’d never been seen before, and created a groundswell of support and togetherness for real women tackling barriers to exercise - and as a result, 2.1m 14-40yo women have done some or more exercise as a result of the campaign, 1.4m of whom started or restarted exercise.

We have also seen incredible results for campaigns where we have disrupted social norms. When we travelled to Rwanda for Girl Effect we experienced a culture where women are expected to solely fulfil the traditional roles of daughter and mother, but where our adverts celebrating female pioneers in their fields were so much more powerful because they stepped out against the norm.

With the topic being so prominent in the industry, the debate on gender roles in ads was also picked up by ITV yesterday for their evening news programme, Tonight. Tim featured in the show and was asked to share his opinions.

Please see the full The Drum article here