Automotive aftersales is a category which is overcrowded with independent mechanics and dominated by price and other rational offers. BMW needed to stand out and lever the brand in order to persuade BMW drivers whose first instinct is to look to the independent repair sector for their car-servicing needs. 

Our campaign ‘Baby’, cuts through the clutter visually and emotionally. Harnessing a simple insight, the campaign brings to life how customers feel about their BMW and states how BMW feels the exactly same way about their car – they built it after all, so they take care of every BMW like it’s their own. The level of care and attentiveness with which BMW technicians treat every BMW gives BMW owners confidence that the only place to servicing and repair their prized possession, is a BMW approved service centre.

Owen Lee, our Chief Creative Officer, said, ‘Aftersales advertising has always been functional and rational. We wanted to remind people of the emotional connection they had with their BMW when they bought it’

The campaign launched this week and will run across Digital Out of Home, Digital Display and Facebook in November and December.