To continue the work we’ve done for Project Literacy, we are proud to work with photographer Mark Denton on this project which highlights how it feels to be illiterate. The product shots represent how carrying out everyday tasks can be a continuing challenge for those who struggle to read and write.

Peter has struggled with reading and writing since he was a boy. It made even little things, like ordering off a menu at restaurants, incredibly difficult.

Doing laundry shouldn’t be nerve-wracking. But for the 750 million people who struggle with illiteracy, knowing the difference between household products can be difficult and can lead to entire loads of washing being ruined.

750 million people struggle with illiteracy, and for those who are parents, this could impact their family life in unexpected ways. For example, they may have difficulty reading the instructions on board games, and be forced to make up their own.

It’s never easy when your children are sick. But Wanda, a mother of six, had to overcome an extra layer of complexity every time she took her children to the doctor. Because she struggled to read and write, she had to take care to remember the correct dosages of the medication her children were prescribed.


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