Eurobest is a three-day event that brings together creatives from all over Europe to network, learn and celebrate the best of the business. Over 100 speakers take to the stage in a series of talks, discussions and demos which aim to tackle serious issues, topical matters and trends in the industry.

In its 30th year, eurobest was hosted in London, and with FCB being a founding partner, this year was a great opportunity for us to get involved.

Here are some of our highlights:

Generating a Return on Purpose

Vicki Holgate, our Chief Strategy Officer, and Kate Dale, Head of Brand and Digital Strategy at Sport England, shared a stage to discuss the multi-award winning This Girl Can campaign in their talk, Generating a Return on Purpose (aka how to play nice and still make a profit).

Covering the three different dimensions of purpose, they looked at ways to marry the tensions of all three to build something long term and creatively outstanding.

While the purpose backlash is born from a rise in quick-fix comms strategies and award bids, in reality, companies with a social purpose see 10% more growth, while those without purpose are more likely to stagnate or decline.

And by focusing on Corporate Social Value rather than traditional CSR, brands will be able to win the loyalty of the 80% of people that prefer brands that give back.

Because it’s easier to win the game when you care about the game.

Aesop: A Crash Course in Brand Storytelling

Ed Woodcock, Founding Partner & Director of Narrative at Aesop, discussed the importance of conflict in storytelling and how to pitch this to clients. He was joined by Lars Hemming, Global Chief Executive Officer at Vice’s brand agency, Virtue, and Aedamar Howlett, Marketing Director GB&I, Coca-Cola.

Using the film Top Gun as a case study, Ed suggested a few thought starters to include in our stories:

  • Be intriguing
  • Spring a surprise
  • Overturn an expectation
  • Set a challenge
  • Unpick an assumption
  • Voice a doubt
  • Bust a myth
  • Challenge a convention
  • Take up a cause or issue
  • Provoke a debate
  • Pick a fight
  • Break a taboo

Juventus: Redefining the Category

Italian football team Juventus have recently undergone major rebranding, looking to position themselves as an identity brand rather than a local football club out of Turin.

They wanted to be seen as a global company which would appeal to both football enthusiasts, and non-enthusiasts alike. As such, they developed the brand attitude of “Fearless”, with the tagline “Life is a matter of Black and White”.

Through channelling the ‘play without fear’ attitude of their players on the pitch, and the uncompromising attitude of those within the business, this idea was born. The ultimate objective of this rebrand was to future-proof the business, rather than sticking to their historic roots.

Through the talk, it was clear that football is also an industry which will be heavily affected by VR, AR and mobility, and clubs need to look ahead and future-proof themselves to be prepared for these changes, rather than looking backwards.

Advertising Pays: World class talent, world class advertising

Presented by the Advertising Association, this report came about in response to the immigration challenges which are expected to come with Brexit. The AA have partnered with LinkedIn to collect insights on advertising professionals in London, and commissioned this report (and created an ad campaign) to lobby the government for favourable immigration policies post-Brexit. Access to foreign talent is pivotal to the health of London’s advertising industry, and the possibility of losing this is currently its biggest threat.

Ultimately, this talk was centred on the fact that the amount of international talent in London is what makes it stand out from other advertising hubs around the world. With more diversity, the door is open to more perspectives and ultimately more creativity. This is something we need to protect through ensuring favourable immigration policies are made by lawmakers in the wake of Brexit.

Disrupting the creative process: the art of cultural storytelling

This was a really interesting talk around how vital storytelling is in creating connections between people, and that when you add culture into the mix it’s much more effective in earning attention. However, brands need to ensure that they understand the cultural interests of their audience fully and find relevant and authentic collaborations accordingly.