2017 was another great year for FCB Inferno at Cannes Lions. As well as returning with three of the much coveted Lions awards (for This Girl Can and Barnardo's respectively, thanks for asking), we also brought back a yacht-ful of ideas and insights from the Riviera.

Despite four days of celebrating our success and drinking rosé, everyone at the FCB Inferno villa seemed to learn heaps.  Here are some key takeaways from Sarah Lefkowith,Creative/Copywriter:

‘Everyone is still overusing the word “authenticity”. Other words that made big appearances were “irreverence”,” disruption”, and “trust”. Interestingly, “data” appeared quite a bit as well, but coached in varying degrees of positivity.’

Another gem from Sarah, and an interesting learning for some of our brands:

 ‘Healthcare advertising is getting awesome-r by the second. From sex-trafficking intervention tools disguised as ear thermometers to chat bots that help people with Alzheimer’s navigate the world around them, some of the most fascinating applications of creativity to technology cropped up in Health & Wellness’.

Of course, Sarah wasn’t the only one to come back brimming with knowledge so here are a few more words of wisdom: