Together #WePlayStrong

UEFA’s Together We Play Strong campaign is designed to keep teen girls playing the game, and to get more to play. It runs across 55 countries and on over 600 digital platforms, tailored to match how girls already communicate, view, and share. In each case, it makes teen girls both the message and the messenger to prove that football kicks ass.

The Work

Together #WePlayStrong stars teen footballers across Europe, focusing on confidence, attitude, and friendship. We launched with a hero film showing girls what football has to offer, on and off the pitch, and featuring everyone from beginners to pros.  Alongside this, we gave girls illustrations, GIFs, and Stickers to use that furthered our message and helped make football cool.

The Full Story

Our case study film shows the journey we took women's football on, from having an 'image problem' and being seen as weak, rubbish or butch, to being a game that makes girls strong and confident. Because what girl doesn't want a bit of that?


The Content

The campaign was designed to run year round, addressing different reasons that girls would love to play the game. From showing that all girls are welcome to join a team to encouraging them to play wherever they’d like, we developed films and content platforms to keep the conversation fresh.

The Power of Influence

To really land our message and shake up our audience’s perception of football, we needed to generate support from the people that our target audience respect, trust and aspire to. Our target audience fawn over “digital influencers” and music and fashion celebrities — normal teens, like them, who rose to fame through Snapchat, YouTube, or musical.ly. Over the first two days of launch, influencer mentions on social media generated in excess of 69.5 million impressions. 

New Platforms

For our campaign to be a success, it was critical to be present on the channels girls spend time on and in ways they would use, share, and love. This has meant creating bespoke content for emerging apps and platforms that is tailored to the environments girls are in. Our dedicated Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Musical.ly and YouTube channels are kept updated every week, sharing our 20 content films, 1000+ photos, 60+ stickers & illustrations and 40+ GIFs. 

Real Results

Without any traditional above the line media spend, the campaign has had over 200M views andover 1.02billion social media impressions. Much of this is driven by our newer channels; our Giphy channel, for instance, has generated 200.9 million views to date without paid support. Social activity has driven over 250K people through to our website, where they can find their nearest football club and join girls across Europe in the game. Most importantly, 73% of teenage girls who’ve seen the campaign say they’d want to play football.


campaign views and 1.02 billion Social Media impressions. 


of teenage girls who've seen the campaign say they would want to play.