In Ancient Greece, known for his love of gold and indulgence, King Midas ruled his kingdom with an uneven hand. 

One day, Dionysus, the God of wine and revelry, passed through the kingdom. A drunk Satyr, a companion of the God, decided to take a nap in King Midas’ garden. Midas discovered the half-man, half-goat, and kindly invited him into the palace for dinner. Dionysus, grateful for Midas’ compassion, granted the King one wish. 

Greedy Midas, caving into his shallow desires, asked for the power to turn anything to pure gold, which was swiftly granted. Eagerly, Midas turned to his possessions. Goblets, statues, tables, floors all turned to gold upon his touch.

For one night, and for one night only, we opened up the palace of King Midas to agency friends for Christmas. And what a night it was.

As the story goes, once all his possessions shimmered before him, Midas saw his beloved daughter and lent to touch her. Before his eyes she turned to gold. King Midas raised his hands in despair and prayed to Dionysus to remove the curse. The god heard Midas’ plea and, pitying him, told him to wash his hands in the river Pactolus. Midas abided, and the curse was gone.

Although Christmas is a time for all things glittering gold, what makes it truly special is the people around us. We thank everyone for coming and hope everyone was able to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones.

Big thanks to the social committee for pulling off yet another fantastic transformation of Great Queen Street. Head to our Facebook to see the full photo album.