We are delighted that StorySign, the free app we created for Huawei, and Pay it Forward, the first resellable magazine we created for The Big Issue, have been short-listed at the Campaign Big Awards 2019.

StorySign was born out of the insight that 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, leading to communication issues, including the challenge of learning to read, which is so key to their future.

We created a free app that uses the power of AI to translate selected children’s books into sign language, delivered by Star, our friendly signing avatar. Developed with an understanding of sign syntax to ensure a seamless translation and user experience, StorySign helps to open the world of books to deaf children and their families; users simply hold their phone up to the words on the page and avatar Star signs the story as the printed words are highlighted. This helps parents and children to learn to read together, and at their own pace.

StorySign generated over 1000 pieces of international coverage and had a global reach of over 5 billion people.

Pay it Forward is our award winning campaign turning The Big Issue into the world’s first resellable magazine, meaning each magazine can be sold-on each time after its been read, doing good wherever it goes. 

Each magazine comes with its own scannable QR code, that allows readers to pass the magazine onto a friend, who can scan the code to pay for it again. 

The scheme aims to help vulnerable magazine sellers to earn more and counter the issues the homeless are facing in an increasingly cashless society. Pay It Forward levels the playing field, and offers magazine vendors the opportunity to earn extra money from the onward sale of the magazine, making the time they spend on their pitch more lucrative.

For more on this work, visit: StorySign, Pay it Forward