We Are Undefeatable is the campaign led by a collaboration of 16 leading health and social care charities, along with national lottery funding and expertise from Sport England. It aims to support and inspire some of the 43% of people in England who live with a health condition to be active in a way that works for them.



One of the key messages of the campaign is to make those with long term health conditions aware that all forms of exercise count, no matter with who, where or how. Bringing this message to life, FCB Inferno were tasked with showcasing the variety of ways people can get active alone or with those in their immediate (and safe) circles such as friends, family or carers.


The second instalment of  ‘We Are Undefeatable’ captures the myriad of little ways that people with long term conditions get active (no matter how little) and the vital role that friends, families and carers can play. It brings to life the realities of those most impacted by the pandemic, inspiring those who see it to build activity into their lives.


The campaign captures a variety of intimate moments in the lives of our audience. Ranging from the bravery to exercise in water following a mascetomy, to overcoming the barriers of Parkinson’s to play football; we show how they manage their condition through activity. It spans the breadth of those who are just starting their journey, to those who are returning to activity after time away and tells their stories in their own words.


The work is fully integrated across a range of media, articulating the main message of promoting exercise for those with long-term health conditions. The dynamic out-of-home campaign allows for hyper-relevant posters to be targeted at our audience, and the Home Games press campaign shows the limitless boundaries of exercise for those with long term health conditons with a 10 week exercise programme run by 2 paralympians.


Sharon Jiggins, EVP at FCB Inferno said: “Hearing our cast talk in their own words about the highs and lows of managing their conditions was incredibly powerful. Their honesty and in some cases humour demonstrated their resilience and character. Our new campaign is a celebration of this.”


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