We are proud that our award-winning UEFA campaign, Together #WePlayStrong, continues to be recognised for its contribution to the promotion and progression of women in sport.

Featured on Shots – a global platform dedicated to creativity in the advertising space – Together #WePlayStrong continues to be acknowledged for encouraging young girls to play football while affording women and girls a platform from which to express how playing and supporting football makes them feel. Tracing women’s journey through sporting inequality and discrimination over the years, Shots reflected on the recent Women’s World Cup, noting the tournament’s significance for the progression of women’s status in sport.

Reflecting on our work with UEFA, our Executive Vice President, Sharon Jiggins, commented, “There are some great role models and ambassadors playing right now. Nikita Parris is a fantastic example of an athlete who is both talented and philanthropic. While in the prime of her career she has also found the time to set up a football academy to inspire young women from deprived areas in her hometown. Together #WePlayStrong introduced a new visual language that was all about driving conversations amongst our audience by producing a range of GIFs and stickers. By focusing on interactivity, we were allowing women and girls to express how playing football makes them feel and giving them their own, authentic images of femininity’.

Alongside Nike’s Dream Further and Fran Kirby x Little Sims campaigns and Crédit Agricole’s Grâce Au Sport, we are proud that #WePlayStrong continues to contribute to the wider narrative of progress for women in football and sport.

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