Here at FCB Inferno we have provided secondary school students with careers coaching, a programme to help young people discover a career which inspires them. Delivering a weekly series of Future Frontiers sessions at the agency, students and coaches met to build a step-by-step plan of how students could achieve their career goals. The course encouraged students to identify their areas of interest and personal skills before considering possible career pathways which incorporated these. The programme finished with students attending the Careers Networking Event at City University in Angel, London.

Future Frontiers, the award-winning charity we partnered with, works with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to transform their relationship with learning by supporting them with the guidance they need to make clear connections between their aspirations and education.

We are delighted to have offered students the opportunity to explore possible career pathways they may embrace in the future.

What students said:

“It was a great experience and it felt like we were all on a journey to find our career” – Alfie

“It helped me find what I truly want to do for my future. Speaking to professionals in industry really helped” – Angela

 “It helped me find a career that I want to pursue” – Mason

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