In 2015, we recognised that according to its dictionary definition, the work ‘Geek’ was defined as ‘a boring and unattractive person’, a meaning far from reality and connoting negative attributes we knew to be untrue! In fact, the geeks among us spoke up and saw the need for change, because the world needs more geeks!


So we went about doing what we always do; we changed perception. Only, instead of changing how people think about a brand, we changed how people thought about a word. We promoted the reality that ‘Geek is Good’, not boring and certainly not unattractive. 


We challenged the dictionary and started a rallying cry, generating a following across social media, radio, TV and press. We garnered so much support that the people who wrote the dictionary couldn’t ignore our plea. In fact, they changed the definition printed in every dictionary and we changed widespread perception of the word. Geek was no longer a boring and unattractive attribute, it was good.


This National Geek Day, we’re celebrating geek for what it really is;  geek is innovative and specialised, it’s cool. Being called a geek is no longer derogatory, and with its newly evolved meaning, it now usually means a person who is fascinated with a certain subject, knows almost everything about it, and has an understanding so complete, it has the power to stir change. So join us in our continuous pursuit to change perception and remind others that really, Geek is good.


For more on our Geek is Good campaign, see here. 


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