Our week's work experience at FCB Inferno

During the past week, we have gained life skills that we would have never gotten from school and that will serve us extremely useful in the phase after school. We have also had the chance to discover the world of advertising, which has now allowed us to think of it as a possible career choice. Coming into the company at the start of the week was slightly daunting and we were both very nervous about making a good impression. However, from the start, we quickly found that the staff here are extremely friendly and very inclusive making us feel like part of the team. As the week progressed we definitely began to gain confidence in communicating with the staff more efficiently, allowing us to complete the tasks to a higher standard.

At the beginning of the week, we were given a brief to work on, and throughout the week we have been making a presentation in order to fulfil it; some of the staff were also able to take time out of their busy schedules to give us feedback and help us make it more professional. As well as this we helped out in various teams, doing various different tasks – to help them out as best we could.

We would like to say thank you to FCB for allowing us to have this experience in their office, however an extra special thank you goes out to CC for making our experience so wonderful and for taking us under her wing and looking after us for the past week. We are really going to miss commuting to work every morning instead of school.

Check out some of the ideas below that they came up with to cfelebrate the upcoming Cannes Lions festival, and a link to the ultimate Cannes playlist that they have created: