Happy Friday!

Nothing says the weekend is here like your weekly dose of social news! 

Snapchat statchat

Reports suggest that Snapchat contains to lose users as people continue to stick with Instagram Stories. According to eMarketer's latest UK social usage forecast, 14.5 million people in the UK will use Snapchat in 2019, down 2.3% compared with last year. Snap obviously dispute the figures saying they are happy with their numbers and still reach more 13-17 year old than the other social platforms. Snap will be releasing their Q1 report soon so we won’t have to wait long to find out who is telling the truth.


Twitter adds native subtitles.

Twitter has announced they will be soon adding the option to add subtitles to videos uploaded natively to the platform. Currently your videos have to be subtitled already, although they do offer image descriptions, facial recognition, and alt-text tools that work seamlessly with screen readers. To use the functions you will need to upload a .SRT file that holds your videos transcript. This is a great step forward in providing a level experience across all users.


Facebook explains it all.

With the platform continuing to come under greater scrutiny regarding the information it has on users, how it uses it and who else can see it, Facebook will soon show you the secrete behind your news feed. A new "Why am I seeing this post?" button will indicate what activity influenced Facebook's algorithms. You’ll be able to see the connections and reasoning behind posts appearing on your timeline. The functionality is currently being tested and is reported to be rolled out in May.


Social Media Account of the Week!

VestPod: https://www.instagram.com/vestpod/

VestPod is aimed at making finance less intimidating for women. The goal is to empower them on investments, debt management, tax and a whole lot more. They offer workshops, networking events, newsletter AND a book club!

Check them out!