Happy Friday! Now that the tree is up in Elton’s, we can officially say that Christmas season is well upon us. So, here is an early gift for you - this week's social fix!

Our Instagram page of the week is @quarterlifepoetry, who cleverly portrays the very real struggle of being an adult through witty e-card style Instagram posts. Snackable, shareable, and most importantly, relatable, their content guarantees a laugh (even if it may be a “it’s so true it hurts” moment of despair laugh)

And now, for your Social Fix.

Spotify’s 2018 Wrapped feature takes you down memory lane 

What? Spotify’s annual initiative, Wrapped, enables Spotify users to re-live their top music choices for the year, giving insights on their music listening habits. Spotify will tell you the number of new artists you discovered this year, your most-played songs and artists and top genres. They’ve even compiled playlists of your Top 100 most listened to songs, and 100 songs they think you might like based on your listening habits, created bespoke for each user.

Where? You can find the insights on the Spotify Wrapped page, and are also able to find your Top 100 songs of 2018 as a playlist on your Spotify account! There is also a playlist called “Tastebreakers” which features songs which you have never listened to, but Spotify thinks you may like.

Why? This annual campaign is clever for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s a great showcase of the sheer amount of data Spotify is able to compile from something as simple as listen to music, and their algorithmic ability to create a persona for each user. Secondly, they enable you to very easily share your Insights results to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, acting as free earned reach for the platform, which most users are very readily doing anyways.

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