Welcome to the social fix! We’re back, just in time to officially kick off Christmas Season!

To kick off December, why not spend the weekend frolicking through all of the magical Christmas Markets throughout London? Luckily Secret London’s got you covered with all of the best ones here.

For this week’s Instagram Page of the day, pick up your cell phone and head on over to @bacardiusa, who have turned their page into a Drum Machine.  Go on their profile and hold down each tile to make your own beats, with this very clever platform hack.

And now, for your Social Fix.

YouTube launches YouTube Stories to Prominent Creators

What is it? A more casual method for creators to share with their fans, YouTube Stories are designed for less formal videos like casual vlogs and behind-the-scenes updates. Unlike Instagram, these Stories will stick around for a week, rather than a day. The platform also allows you to highlight and save Stories to your profile, as well as ad Stickers, text and filters.

Who is using it? This feature is currently available to Creators who are party of the YouTube Partner Program, and have 10k+ subscribers.

Where do I find it? Stories can be found on their own tab on a channel’s page, but will also roll out on the Subscriptions tab. For non-subscribers, Stories may still appear on the home page or Up Next lists.

Why? Google say they are seeking to introduce a ‘lightweight, easy and fun’ format to the channel. This announcement is a follow up to a smaller test which has been running for the last year with a smaller group, enabling creators to share content in a more casual manner, beyond traditional YouTube video. Critics are calling this new feature a copycat effort, while also complaining about seeing Stories from channels they don’t follow.

 In other news…

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