H̶A̶P̶P̶Y̶ ̶N̶E̶W̶ ̶Y̶E̶A̶R̶!!!....H̶A̶P̶P̶Y̶ ̶C̶H̶I̶N̶E̶S̶E̶ ̶N̶E̶W̶ ̶Y̶E̶A̶R̶!!!...Wait…Happy…Ummmm…March….😬

🎉Welcome to the first Social Fix of 2K19! 🎊

I am aware it is nearly the end of March, but to paraphrase a pop culture icon…

R.I.P G+


It is with a heavy heart that we prepare to say goodbye to the social media platform that never truly was. Google have confirmed that April 2nd will be the last day of Google+. 

It isn’t the only Google project being chopped though, Allo is also going the way of the dinosaurs (but with less fossils) along with Inbox by Google (not the same as Gmail apparently!) and a few other minor apps and projects.


In more Google news and to balance the shutting down of things, this week the largest tech company in the World threw their hat into the Gaming industry ring and launched STADIA. STADIA will use the power of Google’s data centres to enable users to stream video games to their devices with no need for a console. With the announcement this week Google has pipped Microsoft to the post, Microsoft are planning to reveal their Project xCloud streaming offering over the Summer.


After much rumouring, Instagram is currently testing out a “buy in app” feature for 20 of its top retail brands in the US.

As part of the invite only beta test, brands, including Zara, H&M, Outdoor Voices, and Uniqlo, will be able to switch on the function that allows users to buy products directly via the Instagram app rather than being directed out of the app and to the brands website.

When you select a product you’ll have to provide your email, delivery details and payment information (card or PayPal) and you are done. Currently you can only buy one thing at a time, but Instagram is said to be considering expanding that.

 This is something that users and brands have been asking for for a long time. Brands (big and small) will likely see a boost in sales as it removes a few additional steps out of the purchasing process. Instagram will also see a data benefit as it will now be able to track what you actually spend your money on (exciting or terrifying?)  - a first for any of the social media platforms.


Social Media Account of the Week (SMAW):

If you’ve been down to the first floor this week you’ll likely have seen me petting various pooches, so keeping in that theme is Twitter account:@CanYouPetTheDog

It is an account that tells you if you can (👍) or cannot (👎) pet the dogs in video games. A worthwhile endeavour if there ever was one.