“Oh nooo – not #another wimmins manifesto/charter/policy change. Haven’t we sorted this already!?” I hear you cry.

Unfortunately the answer to the above is yes it is, and no we darn well haven’t.

It’s a sad state of affairs when what is meant to be one of the most progressive industries is reporting 26% of people have been sexually harassed. That’s 34% of our women and 9% of our men saying they have suffered within the last year. This is very much a current issue.

Our industry is in a time of great change – not only in terms of output and media but also in terms of diversity and acceptance. The old school is no longer acceptable. It’s not just outdated – it’s out-right wrong. But behaviours and ‘the boys club’ is deeply ingrained in Ad Land so it’s not going to happen overnight or with a few well-meaning conversations.

So we need to spell it out. To lay down what is accepted and what is not. What ensures we can welcome all people and diverse talents, and that they can feel accepted and safe. The timeTo Code of conduct is this set of rules to which we must all adopt – to make working life in this brilliant, rewarding industry better for everyone.

So sign up, or if it makes you feel uncomfortable or if you think it’s unnecessary, it may just be timeTo get out.