In 2019, we were the second most awarded agency in Europe at Cannes 2019 and ranked eighth globally. We are also ranked third Creative Performer in Tech. We have won Grand Prix at Cannes in both 2015 and 2016.

Over the past 5 years, our work has been awarded internationally over 80 times by, amongst others, Cannes, D&AD, The One Show, Eurobest and The Clios.

We hope you enjoy viewing the work as much as we enjoyed making it.

Premier League

No Room for Racism. Anywhere.

The Premier League has launched the latest phase of its No Room for Racism initiative, sending the strong message that it will not tolerate racism anywhere. The league is taking action to combat discrimination wherever it is found and is encouraging everybody across society to do more: to challenge it, report it and change it, so that together we can make a positive impact.

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Clean is a Feeling

“Clean is a Feeling” is a significant change in direction for the UK’s leading toilet roll brand. At its heart, “Clean is a Feeling” focuses on the confidence that only Andrex can give you when you feel clean and at your best. Full of sass, it saunters through a diverse range of people swaying, strutting, bouncing and moving with a joy you can’t help but feel. Naturally, it closes with an appropriately fluffy posterior. 

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Barnardo's: Believe in Me

New Work

‘Crow’ is the latest ad in Barnardo’s Believe in Me campaign. It shows a young schoolboy talking about how he ‘feels different’, since recently losing his mother to an unexplained illness. As he reflects on the shock of her sudden death, we see he is being observed by a crow everywhere he goes. We learn that his grief at losing his mother impacts everything he does, until speaking to a Barnardo’s counsellor who makes it ‘easier to smile’ once more.

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Sport England

This Girl Can

This Girl Can is back with an updated campaign celebrating the inventive ways women have stayed active and fit activity into their lives during the pandemic, inspiring women to do the same through brilliant real-life stories.

The refreshed advertising features women from the original campaign and some new faces and aims to inspire by showing them fitting activity into their own lives – in their own way, and in their own time.