Save The Sleeve

We’ve all done it, sneezed into our sleeves, wiped snot on our trousers, blown our nose into our hands and instantly regretted it. That’s why we launched our new ‘Save the Sleeve’ campaign for Kleenex Balsam tissues.

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Virgin Group


The rise of AI is truly remarkable. But while it can be a useful tool to move businesses forward, there is another tool out there that can innovate in a way AI can’t: Dyslexic Thinking. We asked AI tools including ChatGBT to think like famous Dyslexic Thinkers, and the results speak for themselves.


Sport England

This Girl Can: The Enjoyment Gap

This Girl Can, our award-winning campaign for Sport England to help women get active, has turned its attention to tackling the exercise Enjoyment Gap.

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A little love goes a long way

Andrex has been taking care of Britain’s families since 1942, and to celebrate their 80-year anniversary we created ‘A little love goes a long way’. The new integrated campaign focuses on the emotional bond between generations of British families and the beloved Andrex puppy.


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