We won Grand Prix at Cannes in both 2015 and 2016. Since 2014, our work has been awarded internationally over 50 times by, amongst others, Cannes, D&AD, The One Show, Eurobest and The Clios. We hope you enjoy viewing the work as much as we enjoyed making it.

Home Office


We have launched the latest phase of the Home Office’s #knifefree campaign which seeks to steer vulnerable young people away from the dangers of knife carrying.

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Mr Sun

We've created a new character for NIVEA SUN to educate and entertain on sun safety in the UK.

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BMW 3 Series

Responsive in Every Sense

The BMW 3 Series has always been the driver’s car. No other vehicle responds quite like it. So when the tech-laden seventh generation 3 Series finally arrived, we wanted to show how it’s more responsive than ever. From its welcoming light carpet to its Intelligent Personal Assistant, the new 3 Series responds seamlessly to the driver’s every word, move, even gesture – turning every journey into a flowing, stimulating experience.

The Big Issue

Pay It Forward

We have turned The Big Issue into the world’s first resellable magazine, meaning each magazine can be sold-on each time after its been read, doing good wherever it goes. Each magazine will come with its own scannable QR code, that allows readers to pass the magazine onto a friend, who can scan the code to pay for it again. The scheme aims to help vulnerable magazine sellers to earn more and counter the issues the homeless are facing in an increasingly cashless society.

Pay It Forward levels the playing field, and offers magazine vendors the opportunity to earn extra money from the onward sale of the magazine, making the time they spend on their pitch more lucrative. The process: Buy it. Read it. Sell it on - can be repeated many times over, creating a virtuous cycle.