Get In. Go Far

Apprenticeships come a distant second to going to university. Our challenge was to make them seem equally attractive to all, including A-grade students. How do you get people who totally dismiss apprenticeships to find out more about them, and consider applying for one?

The Insight

People have a strong inherent belief that if you can get your foot in the door of a good company, a world of opportunity can open up for you.

The Idea

In stark contrast to current perceptions, we use real stories from impressive companies that show how apprenticeships can be an exciting route to great jobs and academic qualifications, including degrees.

The Work

The advertising introduces our seven hero apprentices – it's their story. They work for some of the brightest companies in Britain. We see them proudly taking selfies in their workplaces, and we get to follow them, their experiences and their thoughts on the website.


million views on YouTube.


increase in website traffic.