The Driver’s Car Since 1975

The BMW 3 Series is one of the most loved cars on the British road and has built a devoted fan base since launching in 1975. To celebrate its 40th birthday, not only was a tribute to each generation of the model necessary, but a tribute to each generation of fan that has loved the car.

The Insight

The BMW 3 Series pushed the boundaries of engineering throughout 40 years of history, securing BMW’s place in culture as the Ultimate Driving Machine.

The Idea

Celebrate six generations of the model, with executions that capture the mood and aesthetic of each era and demonstrate the significance of BMW’s innovations as benchmarks to match social events of the time.

The Work

Six executions were created for outdoor and print, including bespoke formats with supporting CRM, digital, DM and social content and strategy. The art direction pays reference to each era with typography, the angle of the car and colour palette evoking a sense of nostalgia; be it hacienda tones of the 90s dance age, or minimalist whites of the 00s.


OOH high impact outdoor displays.


The Results

The baseline daily number of page visits to the online showroom increased 65% after the start of the campaign.