Get Out There

BMW xDrive is the most advanced intelligent all-wheel drive system that ensures maximum traction and exhilaration come rain, snow, mud or shine. xDrive is available on over 120 BMW models including saloons, coupés and hatches. Our integrated, global campaign will not only raise awareness of the technology and its availability across the range, but also establish it as a unifying proponent of BMW’s brand purpose – to further and heighten the joy of driving. The campaign broke in October 2016 in the UK and is running around the world on TV, in print, OOH, digital and social. 

The Insight

As we get older we become increasingly jaded. Our adult head suppresses our youthful heart. But, with xDrive you can take thrills where others seek shelter.

The Idea

‘Get out there’ – a call to arms to liberate your youthful spirit.

The Work

Directed by Sam Pilling, we see kids enjoying “adverse” conditions, which are then dynamically match-cut with BMW xDrive vehicles enjoying the same conditions. A voice over by James D’Arcy tells viewers to ‘Get Out There’ and ‘remember when everything you did was for the sheer pleasure of doing it’. The sense of unrestrained joy is heightened with the feral-like soundtrack of Blur’s Song 2.

Print and OOH

Executions capture BMW xDrive vehicles in action and are accompanied by bold headlines which incite people to defy conventional 'wisdom' and Get Out There.