Ground-up #knifefree activations

The Insight

For some young men and women, fear, a false sense of protection, or peer pressure can make knife carrying feel ‘normal’. In this context, the decision to live knife free can feel daunting, if not impossible.

The Idea

The campaign aims to educate 10-21-year-olds on the dangers of carrying knives, stresses the importance of early intervention to tackle the root causes of violent crime and provide young people with the skills and resilience to lead productive lives free from violence.

The next wave of the national #knifefree advertising campaign features TV, radio and social ads and national OOH; innovative digital on apps and platforms including Spotify, Dax, Deezer, Teads, Twitch, and Venatus; and a youth Advocates pilot.


We are #knifefree

A hero 60” and set of 30” films shows a set of true stories of young men and women who now live knife free. These accounts tell of lives which have been deeply affected by knife crime, the steps they took to move away from knife crime and the positive impact living without a knife has had, to inspire and empower those who are most at risk of knife-related violence.

Dean's Story

To support the #knifefree Advocates a local campaign was created, telling stories of young men and women from the area who, with the help of an advocate like figure, have gone knifefree. A film directed by Steve Jamison and Mike Brett told the story of Dean, a musically and lyrically talented young man from Croydon and the invaluable support and inspiration given by his mentor, James. 

Local Campaign

The campaign media buy was tailored around the communities and the places the target audience frequent. This included OOH poster created to look like flyposting and chicken and burger boxes in local fast-food joints. Stickers were also being distributed to act as kitemarks for local individuals and businesses to support the movement.