Living knife free can feel like an impossibility to many young men and women. Carrying out of fear, a false sense of protection, or peer pressure, the decision to disarm is a daunting prospect. Recognising this, our campaign seeks to normalise this decision, celebrating the young people from these communities who have made the brave move to live #knifefree. Their real stories of escaping the control of a knife, serve to empower our audience and prove there is a way out.

Acting as a counterweight to negative news coverage, our documentary-style content tells the positive stories of young people who have boldly stopped carrying knives.

The Insight

For some young men and women, fear, a false sense of protection, or peer pressure can make knife carrying feel ‘normal’. In this context, the decision to live knife free can feel daunting, if not impossible.

The Idea

A peer-to-peer call for change, our campaign lets young men and women share their real experiences of living #knifefree, from their catalyst to change, the consequences they’ve endured, and the sense of freedom that comes from putting down the knife. It is celebration of the brave change we are hoping to drive, proving to our audience that living #knifefree can be their reality too.


Ben thought carrying would protect him. After he ended up being stabbed, he realised the risk he was taking every time he left the house with a knife. With the help of his girlfriend, he now lives #knifefree, preferring to spend his time biking.


Reflecting the experiences of those young people are at risk of starting to carry a knife, we also hear from Aliya. Her powerful story explains the decision she’s made to never carry a knife. Using dance as a means of self-expression, she has been able to escape a life of crime and looks forward to a positive future.