In May, the UK government announced plans to phase the UK out of lockdown. A key element of this was giving the Premier League the green light to lead the way for the return of elite sports and entertainment. 

When the Premier League’s return was approved and the date of the 17th of June was set, our role was to communicate the return in a way that:

Encouraged fans and non-fans to view it safely.

To ensure that the excitement that is at the heart of the Premier League wasn’t lost.

That the work and efforts of the front line and key workers was recognised.

The Insight

Instead of shying away from it – we needed to embrace this new normality, and encouraging fans to get on board with watching from home. Because although many things have changed around us, the Premier League still remains the fastest, most exciting sports competition in the world.

The Idea

To bring this to life, we created a vibrant and energetic, cross-media film, using footage supplied by Premier League fans and key workers from across the globe showing how they’d be enjoying the games safely from their homes. 

The Work

The hero asset, the film was used by broadcasters, such as Sky Sports, in the run up to the first game of the return, as well as organic and paid-for support across social. The Premier League carried out further PR and social activity to reinforce the ‘Watch at home’ message to fans and a wider non-footballing audience.