Space NK

This is Your Beauty Space

Wearing perfume when there’s no one to smell it. Sculpting your contour only to sweat it off. The unmistakable confidence boost of your favourite lipstick. Every beauty moment may look different, but that instant elevation remains a constant. In Space Nk’s first ad campaign in over 10 years, we’re helping you discover a beauty space that truly works for you.

The Insight

During the pandemic, we have seen a shift in priorities. People have discovered the power of beauty- not for the sake of others, but themselves. Even if that means dressing up for the living room.

The Idea

We harness this unapologetic attitude to beauty and inspire new and existing customers to create their unique beauty space.

The Work

Beauty is different for everyone. For our launch film, we created a series of beauty spaces inspired by real stories that explores beauty in all its wonderful forms. Whether it gives you confidence or is your moment of escape, everyone deserves a beauty space that is theirs to own, free from judgement.

Character Stories

To give our audience a closer look into the lives of our characters and inspire them with a collection of beliefs to live by, we then created a series of print, social and digital images alongside the film.