Many of the 32 million deaf children in the world struggle to read. 90% are born to hearing parents. They can’t hear their mother or father reading them a bedtime story, so they can’t match words with the concepts they represent. We created StorySign to help change that. A free app that uses the power of Huawei AI to open the world of books to deaf children. The app launches with our European campaign, directed by Academy Award®-winning director Chris Overton. StorySign can be downloaded from the Huawei App Gallery and the Google Play Store in 10 markets across Western Europe.

The Insight

90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, leading to communication issues, including the challenge of learning to read, which is so key to their future.

The Idea

We created StorySign, a free app that uses the power of AI to translate selected children’s books into sign language, delivered by Star, our friendly signing avatar.

The App

Developed with an understanding of sign syntax to ensure a seamless translation and user experience, StorySign helps to open the world of books to deaf children and their families; users simply hold their phone up to the words on the page and avatar Star signs the story as the printed words are highlighted. This helps parents and children to learn to read together, and at their own pace. 

Huawei mobile technology has opened the world of books to deaf children:

Running across 11 countries

Supported by 11 international deaf charities

52 more books launched in 2019

We have raised awareness of deaf literacy issues:

1.5+ billion global reach 

128+ million app film views 

1000+ pieces of international coverage