The Big Issue

Raising Profiles

The Insight

Since Big Issue vendors could no longer see their customers on the high street, we needed a way to find them online.

The Idea

By training Big Issue vendors to use LinkedIn, they could find people who worked at the businesses near their old pitches and reconnect with them to sell digital subscriptions to the magazine.

The Work

The Big Issue is a UK street magazine, which offers a new hope for homeless and vulnerably housed people. When Coronavirus lockdowns hit, Big Issue vendors were unable to sell on the high streets and saw their livelihoods erased. So we decided to recreate their sales model digitally on LinkedIn. We used location data to find the businesspeople who worked in the area where the vendors used to sell, thus reconnecting them with old customers who used to walk by them every day. They not only sold more digital subscriptions to the magazine, but upskilled digitally in the process, changing perceptions about what Big Issue vendors could accomplish.


+325% magazine subscriptions

+400% magazines sold

Vendor posts viewed +300,000 times

112M impressions