This Girl Can

Starting the Conversation

Whilst the fear of judgement was universally felt by our audience, it was very rarely acknowledged or spoken about. In October 2014, we set out to tell women that they weren’t alone in feeling judged. Empowering content films seeded the conversation, and we proactively responded to tweets about exercise anxiety with encouragement and support. Throughout this phase we created an important and solid base of supporters for the campaign, made up of both influencers and women feeling supported.

The Master Film

To create mass inspiration our 90 sec film launched on prime time TV in parallel to social seeding of the film. The film went live in Cinema, and OOH and digital executions supported the launch. Within days of the broadcast the campaign trended twice on Twitter, made it into Google’s Hot Trends and Top 12 Trending Searches.

IPA Effectiveness Case Study

Through our campaign, we had successfully encouraged hundreds of thousands of girls to turn activity into a regular habit with 2.1m exercising more as a result of the campaign. The gender gap between the number of men and women who were regularly active had reduced from 1.79m to 1.55m – and we had proved that there was a more positive, powerful way to motivate women than the conventional health and fitness industry approach. But our work was not done...


Phenomenal Women

For the second phase of the campaign, Sport England challenged us to go further this time, extending the target age range from 14-40 to 14-60+ and tackle a whole new raft of barriers. The new film featured more real women than ever before, all sharing the same infectious ‘don’t give a damn attitude’.



Content Films

We’ve showcased a much broader range of women at different life stages and we’ve included many more different types of sports. The campaign follows the up close and personal journeys of our women as we watch them tackling barriers such as embracing being beginners, pregnancy, postpartum, coming back to activity after a break and getting older.

Innovative Partnership

We worked with Spotify to identify women who had not listened to their workout playlists over the past 30 days or more, and targeted them with our campaign. 

Building on the Success of Phase One

Since launch, our films have been viewed over 25m times and generated 209 pieces of press coverage. Our engagement levels have smashed platform benchmarks. Our Facebook community has grown by 31% and over 18,000 digital posters have been created using our app. Our Snapchat filter achieved 16m impressions (vs. 8-14m platform benchmark) and was shared over 7.3m times. 

Most importantly, we are already seeing evidence that our campaign has inspired women to get active.


industry awards including two Cannes Grand Prix. 


of women are exercising more as a result of the campaign.