UEFA Women's Football

Together #WePlayStrong

UEFA, with support from its 55 National Associations, is aiming to make football the number one played sport for women across Europe within 5 years. Together #WePlayStrong, introduces a new visual language for women's football, encouraging more girls aged between 13 to 17 to take up the sport. This pan-European, digitally-led integrated campaign will help make that goal a reality.


The Insight

Research proves that football makes girls stronger and more confident. Yet, due to the stigma attached to girls’ football, many girls stop playing at the age that they need confidence the most. What will keep them playing?

The Idea

A total rebranding of football for girls that invites all girls to come play.   

The Work

Tackling misconceptions about the women’s game head on, our work features a diverse range of girls drawn from across Europe, each demonstrating the confidence that comes from playing football. The year-long campaign was developed from the girl up (not the brand down), and therefore is socially-led, with TV and print support.​ Our main campaign film, shot across three countries, featured hundreds of girls playing football at all levels, from professionals at Sporting Lisbon to girls who'd just taken up the sport. 

Built From The Girl Up

We wanted to reach out to girls on channels where they’re active and in ways that they behave. This allows for maximum creativity when engaging with our assets, with girls being able to co-create, participate, and truly make the campaign theirs. From GIFs on Giphy, to content films that live on social media, to an iMessenger sticker pack, the campaign is optimised for the platforms the girls spend their time on and provides a range of creative touchpoints for them to enjoy. 



Number of national Football Associations helping to drive the campaign. 


football teams cast and hundreds of girls from all levels of football pictured within our campaign.