Urban Skin

We used the launch of NIVEA Urban Skin, the first mainstream skincare range specially formulated to fight the effects of city living, to connect with an audience NIVEA were struggling to reach – 18 – 24 year old women. A fresh point of view of city life and a mobile-led campaign will run across Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and cinema.

The Insight

They live a 24/7 whirlwind of late nights, bright lights, opportunities and fun. They have worked hard to get there, and they are determined to put their best face forward and make the most of every minute.

The Idea

Our idea Face the city brings this insight to life. We turned skincare category norms on its head: no more white, sterile, ingredient led visuals. Instead we owned the night. The time when the city and our audience put their best face forward and truly shine.  

The Work

For our digital film we chose an up-and-coming director from the fashion world and we cast models who our audience would want to hang out with. We avoided advertising clichés and instead celebrated the lives our audience are really living - shooting in real locations. This was about chats in club loos, late night kebabs and goofy dancing in all its glory.