Colour Outside The Lines

Established in 1806, Valspar is the world’s 5th largest coatings manufacturer. Valspar came to FCB Inferno to stand out as a challenger brand with their launch into the UK and Ireland. They offer the greatest number of colour combinations in the market, which are sold exclusively at B&Q stores nationwide.

The Insight

We should paint our homes to express our personality, reflect a mood or create change in our lives. The motivation to paint is a highly personal emotion, but we remain conservative in our choices. Colour is inspiring, the category is uninspiring.

The Idea

Demonstrate Valspar’s bold point of view when it comes to colour. Change behaviour by making the other brands look dull by comparison, by reminding people that they can have fun with paint. They should ‘colour outside the lines’.

The Ad

This vibrant and up-tempo film encourages people to approach colour as they did as a kid, not to care if it is fashionable or safe and instead use it as a means of self-expression. ‘Colour ambassadors’ are seen enjoying and having fun with colours. The film voice over was performed by Imelda Staunton, and ends with the line “Stop blending in and colour outside the lines. Say hello to Valspar”. Created for both a 30-second and 40-second edit, the film ran on TV and online.

The Ambassadors

Valspar’s colour ambassadors are real people with a passion for colour. They are pivotal to the campaign as they live and breathe what the brand embodies: to colour outside the lines. They are bold and brave with their colour choices and, ultimately, they have fun with colour. Their role is to inspire and encourage us all to follow their example.


colour combinations possible with Valspar paint.

Stars of the show

The sheep featured in the film are named Ewe-sain Bolt, Lamb-orghini, Where’s Wooly, Lady Baba, Fleece Lightning and Jenson Mutton.