Lasts As Long As You Love It

In 2015 we successfully launched Valspar in the UK, with a campaign that championed self-expression and identity. This year we were tasked with showing the UK just how durable their paint is. 

The paint on your walls is a deeply personal thing, yet people only change it every ten years or so. Which is kind of crazy when you think about how much people can change in that amount of time.

 So, we wanted to motivate people to update their walls as soon as their tastes change, reassured in the knowledge that it will look as good as the day they paint it until the day they fancy starting their next chapter.

The Insight

From the music we love to the clothes we wear, our tastes constantly grow and evolve. Yet our walls stay the same.

The Idea

Throughout life there are numerous experiences that change the way we think and feel. It might be a new hobby, a new relationship or even a pet. We evolve and suddenly our homes no longer feel reflective of whom we are. With Valspar you can relax, knowing your paint won’t fade before its time. 

The Work

Rather than running traditional ‘demo’ adverts to show durability, our campaign uses storytelling to show how people change over periods of time.

Our TVC uses a split screen to show just how dramatic this change can be, whilst the VO uses language pulled from parables and bedtime stories to bring drama to the everyday.

Playful Typography

The art direction was evolved to champion Valspar at every opportunity, with the typography in print mimicking the natural flow of paint to make it truly ownable.

The headlines in digital and social playfully lean on the performance properties of the paint, landing the coverage, colour, and durability benefits to show why Valspar is clearly the obvious choice.