The Queen Rules project started with a five year old girl who questioned why King ranks higher than Queen in a deck of cards. Inspired by this story, we are launching a new game called Queen Rules Poker to support International Women’s Day.

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Ode To Tarmac

A love poem from the Ultimate Driving Machine - BMW - to the ultimate driving surface - tarmac. Visuals of winding tracks and open roads, together with a resonant voiceover, remind viewers that BMW is the car for those who love driving. 

Sport England

This Girl Can

It has been two years since the original launch of our This Girl Can campaign for Sport England, which saw a significant increase in the number of women exercising. But our work is not done. Sport England has now challenged us to get a wider range of women active, celebrate more sports and tackle some new barriers. 

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Urban Skin

For the launch of the new NIVEA Urban Skin range, we have created a campaign to connect with an audience NIVEA were previously struggling to connect with - 18 - 24 year old women. 


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Fitbit Ionic

Still Got It

Our campaign proves that some numbers mean more than others, and age isn’t one of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re 30 or 50. What matters is how high you climb. How low your resting heart rate is. How far you push yourself. What matters is your attitude. That feeling you get when you realise you have #StillGotIt.

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