We won Grand Prix at Cannes in both 2015 and 2016. Since 2014, our work has been awarded internationally over 50 times by, amongst others, Cannes, D&AD, The One Show, Eurobest and The Clios. We hope you enjoy viewing the work as much as we enjoyed making it.


It All Starts Here

Building on the success of the ‘Together #WePlayStrong’ campaign, our new film for UEFA is aimed at fathers of daughters across Europe. It helps dads to realise that they can facilitate their daughters’ relationship with football, and that there are lots of ways they can encourage and support their participation in the game. The ad will air in 55 countries, localised for each market. It sits alongside a retargeting campaign across YouTube and search that helps Dads who’ve taken our message to heart find a football club for their daughter to join.

Sport England

This Girl Can

It has been two years since the original launch of our This Girl Can campaign for Sport England, which saw a significant increase in the number of women exercising. But our work is not done. Sport England has now challenged us to get a wider range of women active, celebrate more sports and tackle some new barriers. 

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Get Out There

BMW xDrive isn’t simply designed to provide superior traction splitting, power shifting and control. xDrive, like everything that BMW engineers, is designed to make the drive more enjoyable. Our first global campaign for BMW showcases the technology, which is available across the brand's range. 

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P20 Pro

The P series of phones from Huawei aren’t for everybody. They’re aimed at a specific audience – the Culture Makers. The painters, chefs, writers, dancers, photographers, designers and performers of the world. Theirs is the power of creativity, and they use it to redefine reality and create truly beautiful change. To them, cutting-edge technology is an enabler and a force for lasting good. Our stunning new pan-European campaign for the P20 series shows that when we place the most powerful creative tools in the hands of creatively optimistic people, a new era of creativity is sparked.