We were a Cannes Grand Prix winner in both 2015 and 2016. One campaign has been awarded over 50 times, while others here haven’t won a thing. No matter, we’re proud of them all and hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Home Office


Our campaign directly challenges the perception that knife possession is normal and makes you safer, to educate young people on the serious consequences of carrying knives and to signpost those at risk to organisations that can offer positive alternatives and practical support.

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Queen Rules

Unconscious Gender Bias

The social experiment film aimed to see how adults would deal with gender bias when the cards are on the table. Would they blindly teach children that boys are better than girls? Or would they change the rules?

Inspired by a real conversation with a five-year-old girl about why Kings were ‘better’ than Queens, we asked adults to teach a small girl a simple card game. But when explaining why Kings outrank Queens, it was the adults that learned something far more important.


This is Why I Chose to Teach

Teachers change the lives of their students every day. From facilitating ‘lightbulb’ moments where a child finally understands, to helping them realise their inner potential. Our film condenses down a range of these impactful and often poignant moments, to showcase the unequivocal, collective pride that teachers feel as a result of their job.



To promote the launch of the new sixth generation BMW M5, Cones shows the car and its driver navigating a constantly changing indoor track formed by robotic cones, demonstrating the car’s balance of power, precision, and control.